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The Problem:

You are delaying a much-needed carpet refurbishment due to the perceived expense, downtime and disruption to your office.


Renovisions is the affordable, efficient and quality solution that allows you to replace your carpet without the added hassle or associated costs.


Welker Bros. pioneered the science of a furniture lift process as an efficient and economical alternative to dismantling and moving office furniture and equipment as well as the disconnection of cable management for carpet refurbishment.


Conducted at night, the Renovisions time -proven process applies patented lifting equipment, specialty tools and extensively trained technicians to lift workstations and other office fixtures in place for both old carpet removal and new modular carpet installation.

Our professionally trained Renovisions technicians know the structure and limitations of modular office systems and equipment. We will analyze your existing space plan and develop a customized program that works flawlessly with your furniture systems and other office fixtures.

Our comprehensive project management process covers all facets of the office refurbishment, including orienting your employees and providing comprehensive reporting procedures.

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